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Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate

In the sixth form, all students will study the Welsh Baccalaureate (advanced), alongside subjects of their choice. Delivery takes places through five lessons a fortnight and designated collapsed days throughout the year

Through the Welsh Baccalaureate students will raise their skills levels and confidence, enabling and empowering them to take their place as responsible and active citizens within a diverse society.  Alongside and through the development of skills, the Welsh Baccalaureate provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of society, the community in which they live and an awareness of global issues, events and perspectives.

The Welsh Baccalaureate is based on a Skills Challenge Certificate which runs alongside Supporting Qualifications. The requirements of both the Skills Challenge Certificate and Supporting Qualifications must be met in order to achieve the overarching Welsh Baccalaureate.

The Skills Challenge Certificate consists of four components which are followed by all students:

  • Individual Project
  • Enterprise and Employability Challenge Global Citizenship Challenge
  • Community Challenge

In order to achieve the Skills Challenge Certificate, students must achieve all four components; with a minimum of all at a level 3 Pass. The qualification grade is calculated on the basis of the four component scores weighted as below:

Component Weighting

Individual project


Enterprise and Employability Challenge


Global Citizenship Challenge


Community Challenge


The Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate is graded A* - E.

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